On April 24, 2012 neurosurgeon Sandeep Kunwar performed the 1000th transsphenoidal surgery for a pituitary adenoma since the California Center for Pituitary Disorders (CCPD) was established at UCSF just five years ago in May 2007. Dr. Kunwar’s patient was a 27-year-old man with acromegaly caused by a 2- cm, growth-hormone-producing pituitary tumor. He diagnosed himself after coming across an article about acromegaly and recognizing that he had many features of the disease. He has been disease-free since his surgery at the CCPD.

A 55-year-old woman presented with polyuria, nocturia, and thirst-induced polydipsia that developed insidiously over a six-month period. She was seen by her primary physician, who suspected and confirmed a diagnosis of diabetes insipidus. She was treated with DDAVP that provided excellent symptom control. Laboratory studies reflected normal anterior pituitary function. She was otherwise healthy. Physical examination was unrevealing. Magnetic resonance imaging of the sella illustrated a 1.5-cm mass in the region of the hypothalamus.

A summary of recent publications from the California Center for Pituitary Disorders at UCSF

The California Center for Pituitary Disorders (CCPD) at UCSF was established four years ago as a multidisciplinary center designed to provide comprehensive care to all patients with newly diagnosed and pre-existing pituitary disorders. The program was built on decades of recognized excellence in neurosurgical care and research at UCSF.